Discover new potentials.

Every day people have business ideas, but the majority never come to live.

Our goal is to find these ideas and transform them into success stories.

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To be sustainable means that the change is noticeable/visible in society. Therefore, medium to long-term thinking is necessary.

To reach the goals, human's behaviour's have to be changed. This will be human's hardest move ...

BUT we think it is worth!

Bees are a very sensitive symbol of sustainability.  They can only survive if their habitat is sustainably healthy.


Without bees, the chances of life for mankind decrease dramatically.

Our projects all use the disruptive innovation process. 

Only this way real USP's are / will be created.

Water is not only for us humans one of the most important raw materials.


Only a small part of the resource WATER on our planet is drinkable.

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CH-8153 Rümlang / ZH


Phone:  +41 / 41 55 222 55

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